The rooms at the Hotel Gerard et Francine in Nosy Be are comfortable and offer a great value at a quality price. Our guests’ water is solar-heated .

The Hotel Gerard et Francine has a special way of decorating the rooms. The typical architecture of Madagascar and Nosy Be is exhibited alongside traditional construction and healing, creole woodwork. It is a wide mix of exotic woodworking with endemic, replanted, materials. The cloth-work and other pure textile products made by local, Malagasy artisans of Nosy Be. The plants afford great comfort and property to us here at the hotel. The furniture here is entirely constructed at our hotel. The rooms of the hotel offer a view of the sea, around the lovely veranda of the Great House and around the magnificent tropical garden in front of the Bungalow.

All of our rooms are equipped with fans, individual safes, minibar, solar-heated water, shower sink, and toilet.


  • Seven rooms in the Bungalow and the Great House with verandas.
  • One room in the Great House, private shower and communal toilet
  • One air-conditioned room in the Great House (without a view of the ocean).

(Extra beds are available at your request).

Our rooms are all equipped with mosquito nets and netting on the doors and windows..

Because we must economize and keep down our energy pollutants and costs in Nosy Be, we utilize ceiling fans. The hotel is directly facing the sea, our rooms are naturally ventilated and the creole concept of sanity living is implemented with wood ceilings and grounds keeping to keep the rooms fresh. Enjoy a nice breakfast by the beach, at the right moment of the day, you have the occasion to relax and visit all the little groups of lemurs that descend from their nooks in the trees in freedom and security. It is a delicious breakfast of coffee, local tea, or natural fruit juice and a house pastry, fresh fruit, and an omelet or eggs served to your liking.

After an agreeable day of discovery in Nosy Be or the neighboring islands, you can profit from a relaxing massage in a day bed on the beach or solarium, on the seaside, or in a natural pool. In the late afternoon and evening, you can join us in our bar lounge, a destination available only to our clients. You can taste the typical Malagasy cocktails like Caipirana, a specialty of Nosy Be.

Our services are available 24/7 and we can receive you at any moment..

Our services:

- Wifi (free)

- Post Service (free)

- Airline Confirmation Service (free)

- Laundry Service

Suggested thoughts before your visit here:
The sexual tourism is an attack on human dignity, condemned by Malagasy law and International law and the Hotel Gerard et Francine does not tolerate any such violations.