We share some information for the preparation of your trip to Nosy Be and your destination, Hotel Gerard et Francine.

After you've chosen how many nights to stay with us on the island of Nosy Be, we at Hotel Gerard et Francine offer you a few sites for further useful information in bookings and paperwork and requests..

Airline Companies:

To Come from Mayotte

In 45 minutes, from Mayotte there is a direct flight.

http://www.air-austral.com and www.airmadagascar.com

To come from France, Ethiopian Airlines

To Come from Reunion Island

In 90 minutes, from Reunion there is a direct flight.

www.air-austral.com et www.airmadagascar.com

To come to Nosy Be from France and Europe

AIR AUSTRAL : Paris (or Marseille, or Lyon, or Toulouse) to Reunion or Mayotte to Nosy Be Résa, purchases and pro-flights offered through Air Austral : www.air-austral.com

AIR FRANCE : Paris <> Antananarivo : www.airfrance.com

Followed by AIR MADAGASCAR : Antanarivo <> Nosy Be www.airmadagascar.com

CORSAIR : Paris <> Antananarivo www.corsairfly.com

Followed by AIR MADAGASCAR : Antanarivo <> Nosy Be www.airmadagascar.com

AIR MADAGASCAR : Direct or via Antananarivo. www.airmadagascar.com

Air Italy (direct flight Milan or Rome/Nosy Be) www.volanelmondo.airitaly.it

-Time Change: +2 hours from France in winter /fall, and +1 hour in spring/summer.

-For national flights, you are generally expected to arrive at the airport 2hours in advance and your baggage is limited to 20kg or 44 lbs per person unless otherwise arranged.

-For international flights, you can re-confirm from the hotel, but most companies expect passengers at the airport 3hours in advance.

Items to bring with you

-Comfortable beach walking shoes, comfortable sandals.

-Long pants/skirt/dress and long sleeved tops for evenings.

-Snorkel equipment, flippers, mask/snorkel.

-A flashlight or headlamp.

-Sun protectants: hats, sun screen, sunglasses and light t-shirts for snorkeling.

-A small umbrella or rain jacket.

-Bug spray med kit !

-Camera, binoculars, and battery charger....

Health information: :

-Madagascar does not require that tourists have any particular vaccines..

-o prevent malaria transmitted by mosquitoes, we urge you to visit your doctor and bring anti-malaria pills to be taken during your stay here. Talk to your doctor about other suggested med practices..

-Finally, to reduce your chances of catching the inevitable tourist stomach issues, drink only bottled mineral water (eau vive) sodas and beers. Our pipe water is not potable but many locals are used to it. Don't even take the ice given at restaurants outside our hotel.

-Don't hesitate to consult the site of the Pasteur institute for guidance on other necessary precautions

General Concerns for you Travels:

Before your trip make copies of important documents like passports, plane tickets, driver's license (keep the originals and copies in separate locations).

A small tip is to scan your important documents and email them to yourself. You can reprint or access them here at the hotel if necessary.

Let us know if you have any food limitations or particularities or medical restrictions/concerns (allergies...etc).

Give our contact info to your family and/or friends in case of emergency.


Giving tips is always a personal decision and not an obligation to your character. The amount you wish to give also depends on you alone and your satisfaction of services rendered.


We suggest you subscribe to an insurance policy before your departure covering: accidents, baggage, cancelations. Take some information about health insurance and be sure to have the right contacts for services you may need here.

Verify the insurance through your Carte Bleue VISA.

Consulate Agencies in Nosy Be :

Honorary Consulate of France in Nosy Be. BP 291- Hell-Ville - NOSY BE 207.

Tél. : +261 32 07127 37.

Consulate in Tana : +261 32 07 816 82

Visas :

The entry visas are easily obtained at the airport upon your arrival in country. You need just a passport valid for 6 months after the date of arrival in Madagascar. It's actually free for visits less than 3 months.


The electric current here is 220V or 50hz and the plugs are like those in France

Money :

-Foreign currency can be exchanged by local entrepreneurs at the airport or at the bank and offices of exchange (1 Euro = 4 300 Ariary, May 2020).

-To find current information on the exchange rates at the local banks visit: www.bni.mg.

The banks are open Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4pm.

The Hotel Gerard et Francine accepts credit cards but only VISA (most establishments around Nosy Be do not accept the use of credit cards at all).

In Nosy Be there are four ATM machines and one of them is in Ambatoloaka. 

When withdrawing cash, be aware that sometimes your bank card will only allow 300 Euros per week to be drawn (check with your bank before coming) and banks are always closed on the weekends.

Climate :

Dry season, April to November. Rainy season, December to March. Nosy Be is known for counting 345 sunny days per year.

The rains often come in the evening and late night.

The temperature of the sea water rarely gets below 25 degrees Celsius..

Language :

The official language here is Malagasy, but French is very well understood and spoken in Nosy Be..


Suggested thoughts before your visit here:
The sexual tourism is an attack on human dignity, condemned by Malagasy law and International law and the Hotel Gerard et Francine does not tolerate any such violations.